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 Super Stars Porno Chics #27 - (2016)


Title: Superstars (Pornochic 27),

Marc Dorcel (English) (2016)  /  Released Date: Sep 14 2016,

Porn Stars: Apolonia Lapriedra / Samantha Bentley  /  Mia Malkova  /  Nikita Belluci   / Ariel Rebel   /  Lucia Love   /  Pascal White   /  Billy King   /  Juan Lucho / Luke Hardy  /  Alberto Blanco  /  Kristof Cale  /

Categories: All Sex, Orgy, Threesomes, Situational, Lesbian, Girl-on-Girl, Seduction, 

Film Scenario:  The film soes not carry a congruent story line but it is  filled with sulty sex scenes.  Scene one starts with sexy Spanish star Apolonia getting her needs taken care of in a bedroom scene. It moves into a scene in a swingers night club, filled with erotic partner selection and hardcore fucking.  In another scene, the seductive widow flash of a sexy women showing off her big tits and naked body to the glaring eyes of two guys in the apartment acroos the yard, turns into a knock on their door and fulfillment of her needs to have her ass and pussy filled with two cocks in casual Dp

The Picasso Review 

Picasso's Review:  Rising shooting superstars galore! This film is filled with porn actors who are artist by nature, all now performing in the Art of Adult Films.  Along their short careers, many of these young stars have already accumulated a performance award. (listed below)  If the performance found within this film is any indication, more future accomplishments in the adult porn industry should be forthcoming to at least of few of these stars.  It appears to Picasso that many of these porn stars have not yet won their last porn performance award. It is even possible that this film could find a place on the award stage for its acclamation at the end of the year.  This film is highly recommended.

The film strength is that it brings out the inner sexual desires of the individual actors and puts those desires on the screen for the viewer to visually experience. The viewer knows all the unspoken desires are fulfilled by the situational sexual action and results of each scene. There is lots of sultry hot, nasty fucking, and deep-sucking sex, and a little bit of group banging.  

A weakness of the film is within its congruence and harmony of the scenes. Individually, the scenes are well orchestrated but lack a common theme throughout the films entirety. This only relates to the product as a whole.  This is not a draw back to the film view, as each scene is filled with a sexual conclusion.

Apolonia Lapriedra: Apolonia was the NINFA Spainsh Award Best Newcomer 2014, she again filled the screen with looks and seductive skills, ... .

Samantha Bentley: Samantha was an Xbiz UK nominee for Foreign Performer of the Year, she shows why as her deep inner emotion is brought out on the screen, an excellent performance ... natural sexy seduction. 

Ariel Rebel: Ariel was an XBIZ nominee for Webstar of the Year in 2016.  She plays the innocent hot submissive girl breaking away from the side of her man to enter the bed of another seductive women for some hot Lesbian pussy licking. She tells us so much with her action of reaching out to her man in the middle of getting licked and with her lips and eyes.  She is brought to heights of pleasure as she gives a wonderful porn performance ...

Nikita Belluci: As a France Award nominee for Best Hardcore Scene, Nikita shows us why. As she takes on four guys at one time ... simply just hot!

Mia Malkova:  The Award winning AVN Best New Starlet of 2014, Mia Malkova, jumps into an already developing sex act in the bar and turns the kinky situation already in motion into a super spinning film turn on ..

Lucia Love:  ... great neighborly love expressed by this sexual dynamite ..  seducing without a word ..she gets fucked well. 

Pascal White:  / Billy King:  / Juan Lucho:  excellent .. / Luke Hardy:   / Alberto Blanco:   / Kristof Cale: professional porn star

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Porno Chic 27 - Superstars Marc Dorcel


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