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 PENTHOUSE.COM Porn Network Review



Quick Facts
Pictures: Yes
Videos: Yes
Formats: WMV (300,500, and multi-bit rate)
Flash (1.5 Mbps, 720x480 @ 30fps, Stereo)
Downloads: Yes
Membership: Yearly
(12 months)
(3 months)
(per month)
Cost (Gold): $119.40 $59.85 $24.95
Cost (Silver): $95.40 $47.85 $19.95

At Penthouse you know what you are going to get- ultra-high "magazine" quality girls doing explicit things. When I saw the tour I recognized lots of famous girls but in the members area I realized they have tons of other hot new girls I had never even heard of or seen anywhere else on the net.

They also have a ton of old Penthouse stuff that goes back to the 1970's.

In the members area, they have navigation of 'Penthouse Pets', 'Videos', 'Galleries', 'Live chat', 'Reading', 'World of Penthouse' and 'Store.' They also have a calendar of their updates where it shows thumbnails of all their updates (7 days a week, nice!)

Penthouse Pets has a directory of Pets by year and by name going back to the 1970's.

Videos has about 100 full length movies where you can jump directly to the scene you want to watch. It also has behinds the scenes videos from Penthouse photoshoots and a bunch of hardcore feeds and a video on demand theatre. 'Live chat' has bi-monthly live video chat sessions with select Penthouse Pets and models and 'Reading' has dirty stories from Penthouse Forum.

Members of Penthouse also get access to, and most of which are erotic reading sites.

The photo galleries have a 'zoom' feature and the newer galleries are available in ultra-large sizes, the site has a search engine and the videos are downloadable but they are DRM'd.

Overall, I would say if you are a babe/pornstar fan this is a great site to check out as it certainly has a lot of exclusive material and the navigation and design is top notch.

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The Penthouse Online Porn Network may be the best in the porn industry at presenting sexy women in porn photography. The Penthouse porn Network offers 3 high quality porn video websites, an online Penthouse magazine, and a live chat online sex channel. It specializes in high quality photo presentations of top quality porn stars. The porn films and video are good, but not of the same quality as their photo presentations. All of the Penthouse material is based with some of the best professional porn stars out there.

Penthouse is a safe and secure network regarding internet use. Club Membership can be purchases as a package deal or or the various network areas individually. Basic membership allows full website access to all unlimited downloading of videos and other benefits.

The Basic Penthouse Film Network and extra category prices are below:

Basic Video and Online MEMBERSHIP PRICE: $


Penthouse Magazine Membership Price Information: Penthouse Magazine is all about aspirational beauty – focusing primarily on one-on-one/threesomes, with the occasional letter or story. 1 year (Billed at $19.95) - $ 1.66/month. 1 month - $ 4.95/month.

Penthouse Letters: Penthouse Letters offers a broad range of topics including swingers, gang bangs, and group activities. 1 year (Billed at $19.95) - $ 1.66/month. 1 month - $ 4.95/month.

Penthouse Variations: Penthouse Variations presents the erotic tales of real-life couples, featuring red-hot stories, exciting reader letters and revealing interviews. 1 year (Billed at $19.95) - $ 1.66/month. 1 month - $ 4.95/month.

Penthouse Forum: Penthouse Forum delivers letters, news, reviews, fiction and advice. 1 year (Billed at $19.95) - $ 1.66/month. 1 month - $ 4.95/month.

Porn Pussy Central Give Penthouse the highest possible ratings and reviews for all its material.


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